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Katherine + Juan

These 2 were so freaking cute. Juan was really camera shy when we first started shooting and I could tell he was uncomfortable. So after like 5 minutes of prompting and attempting to make them laugh, I decided to show him the back of my camera so he could see the magic so far. And he said, “Dang, you are good! I love these!”

He totally warmed up after that and the shyness faded fasttt!

We met up in downtown St. Augustine and just walked around. We walked through the cobblestone streets and laughed and had fun, and their love just made me melt out of my skin. It was awesome to watch them just have some carefree fun.


Nothing like some steamy lovin in the middle of the street!

Also, I think George Street is my favorite place for engagement shoots now. I’m totally dying over these shots.


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