Meet Me

Hey there- thanks for stopping by my page! I’m Brittany, the face behind this company. I started this business back in 2016. It has grown into so much more than I ever imagined it would. I run this business full time and love it. I’m an Army veteran, sunset-chaser, animal-lover, Christian & mother. I’m obsessed with my pets. We have 2 rabbits and 2 dogs. I even gave my rabbits a wedding (yes I have the photos to prove it, lol). There’s a 100% chance I will dance at your wedding. I’m a big extrovert, always loud always laughing, always excited about food, I love traveling so much, and I’ve got a big heart. Recently, I have been more involved with missions around the world (kids in poverty, addiction / sobriety, clean water, etc.) This is something I’ve become very involved in over the years and now I’m doing in-person missions, like house builds. 10% of all the business income also goes towards these various missions!

If you made it this far- Thank you for taking the time to meet me through this page!! I would love to chat and hopefully work together one day!!