Meet Me

Hey hey, thanks for stopping by my page! I’m Brittany, the face behind the company. I started this business back in 2016. I’m a single mom, a Christian, and I run my photography business full time and love it. Fun facts- I went to school for business entrepreneurship. I didn’t get a degree though because I dropped out when they said I had to take math haha.  I’m also a veteran! Served 4 years active duty in the Army. I also served on one tour in Afghanistan in 2012. I’m 100% obsessed with my 3 dogs. We also have a bunny. I’m a little loud, always laughing, always down to eat food, I love traveling so much. Recently my favorite side hobby is making floral arrangements. There’s definitely a 100% chance I will dance at your wedding. 

So – if you made it this far, and you’re thinking “we should be friends.” Hit me up and let’s chat about your wedding/session!