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Erica’s Maternity photos

Erica and James have been on a journey to get pregnant, and it hasn’t been easy for them. Their son, Jordan, was born preemie and Erica had preeclampsia followed by a rough recovery. When she finally recovered, they started trying for another baby, but ended up having 3 miscarriages since then. Erica told me how pregnancy is just really hard on her body and because of her bicornuate uterus, she would get pregnant and the baby wouldn’t make it past 10-12 weeks. She’s 23 weeks now and her and baby girl are doing amazing!! I am praying for them- for a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Also, can we talk about how Erica looks like a goddess in this Reclamation gown?! Holy wow. Allllll the yummy golden light vibes, too!!


Reclamation gown

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beach maternity photos

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