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4th Birthday photos

4 years old…. Man, time sure does fly by. Three was challenging, to say the least. Being a single parent to a strong-willed little girl is definitely not easy. I’ve had a lot of challenges this past 2 years…. but we’ve also had a lot of fun times. This photo shoot was definitely a fun day to remember. Aless is having her birthday at Disney this year. Actually, in 10 days. She’s obsessed with all things Disney and princesses and playing dress up and pretending to be Elsa. So I kinda thought this would be perfect for her birthday shoot this year… and it really was. She had so much fun out there- dressing up, saying “mirror mirror on the wall,” she was casting magic spells at me with her wand and twirling around. I love these photos and so does she. Moments like these make all the hard days so worth it!!

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