Tips for your engagement / couples session!

I know that booking a photo session is fun & exciting! I also know that it can be overwhelming, and you may not even know where to start on planning your own session! You probably see all these adorable couples photos on Pinterest and Insta, and you keep thinking of how you’d loveeee photos of you and your boo like that 😍 or maybe you are thinking “well crap, I’m so awkward and I wouldn’t even have a clue what to do if someone were to take photos of me.” I know, because people say things like this to me alllll the time! So here I am writing this blog post for all of you that can relate. I’ve compiled some tips to help you plan your session & get yourself some of those Pinterest worthy photos to plaster on the walls of your home.

Tip #1- Hire a photographer with photos that you love!

Absolutely the most important thing!! Which is why it’s #1 on the list. When you look through a photographer’s portfolio, make sure the images speak to you. The emotions, the editing style, the colors and posing and everything in between. You want some amazing photos that you will truly love to look at. If the photographer knows what they’re doing, they will have poses and prompts to help get those Pinterest worthy images. They will help you plan the perfect session out. If their portfolio is full of Pinterest-y, wall-hangin, frame-worthy images…. chances are that you’ll get some for yourself too.


I cannot stress this enough, the location you choose will effect the entire session! Pay attention to everything. The colors of that location. If you want photos in the waves, you of course need to choose a location with waves (not just water, but make sure there are waves there!). If your home is certain colors and you want photos for your home, maybe you should choose a location with colors that fit your home. If mountains are what speaks to your soul- choose that. If the beach is your happy place- choose that. The photographer that you love might also effect the location you choose. Or maybe vice versa! Maybe you have a certain location that you love, and you want to choose a photographer near it. Either way- just keep in mind that the location is very important!

Tip #3- OUTFITS!

Following the location choice would be- what to wear!! The location that you choose & time of year will probably effect what you wear. If you are coming to southwest Florida to take photos at the beach + in the water (oh hey there, I’m your girl for that! 😉 well then you might want to wear something fitting for the beach! Maybe a short flirty dress, a flowy maxi dress, a bathing for in the water. If you’re heading to the mountains in the fall, your outfit will probably look a little different! These are all things to think about- the time of year to book your session and everything- all important factors! If your photographer is super awesome, they might have a client closet. I know that I offer this to my clients, and I know of many other photographers who do as well. They could have some great options to choose from, as well as suggestions for you on where to shop! Be sure to talk with them about wardrobe, send photos of outfit options, ask for tips, etc. I’m sure they will be happy to help you pick the best outfits! You can also look on Pinterest and Instagram and save the photos that you really love. Pay attention to what those couples are wearing, and then try to pick something similar!

Tip #4- View your session as a date night!

This is super important- especially if your partner is not really into the idea of taking photos. A photo session is really just a giant makeout session with tons of flirting involved!! The men get to grab your butt and kiss all over you, usually they LOVE that type of ish. They get into it. They’re all about booty grabbin and neck kissin. So if you go into this thing like it’s a date night, it can be really fun. If you guys like to drink, bring your favorite drinks! If you play the guitar, bring it! You can incorporate anything you want into the session. It adds a little something extra and makes it even more fun. Book an Airbnb nearby and plan a little trip (if your photographer that you love lives a little farther away from you- that’s an easy one! plan a road trip and go there for photos + stay the night) After your photo session, go out for dinner + drinks + whatever you guys like to do!! Make it a fun night. If you have kids, IT’S EVEN BETTER! Listen, I’m a mother so I get it. You need a night away from the kids. Plan a night away and have some fun. Pretend like it’s your third date again. (let’s be real, we know the first date is awkward)

The last tip- tip #5- is probably a little cliché ( I mean, I’m sure everyoneeee says this) but you should just relax and have fun!

Here is the thing- if you are all worried/nervous/not enjoying it- it’s going to show in your photos. Have a drink and chill out. If you hired the right photographer, you can rest assured knowing that they know what they are doing! This is their job. So they will have the prompts and ideas for photos. Now, you need to come relaxed and ready to have fun. It will make a world of difference in your photos if you just view this whole thing as a fun night, going on an adventure with one of your friends (who just so happens to take photos), and genuinely enjoy the evening! It’s an adventure session. You are planning a date night while also making new memories (yes, captured on camera) I mean how cool is that? and then you’ll have some freaking epic photos to put in your house. 😍


I’m sure there are some other things I left out that you are thinking of right now- and I would love to hear them! Planning a couples photo session is supposed to be completely custom. So there are probably plenty of things that are personal to your life that haven’t been mentioned. I know that I send a questionnaire to all of my clients for us to plan out the session. Everyone should have the opportunity to customize their experience. I hope you plan your photo session exactly the way you envision it and love the outcome! Cheers to making new memories ✨



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